Join Wine Club

You’ll find this a reliable, comfortably priced, easy-to-use way to ensure the Malivoire section of your wine collection won’t run dry.

“Case Made” comes in two simple formats. You can sign up for six bottles over six months, for just $150, or for twelve bottles over twelve months for only $280. Once enrolled, you can pretty much let the rest take care of itself.

6 months subscription

Perfect for a personal try-out or a gift. You’ll receive two bottles every other month, for a total of six bottles over six months. The selection will balance red and white wines with an emphasis on those exclusive to the winery and not available in the LCBO.

12 months subscription

Same as the half-case, six-month membership, with greater volume and variety over the longer term. You’ll receive two bottles every other month for a total of twelve bottles over twelve months.

Have our wine delivered right to your door! Available in 6 bottle and 12 bottle subscription.