2021 Cascade Cabernet Franc

Winemaker's Notes

100% Cabernet Franc

Dark fruits like blueberry, raisin and black cherry, abound on the nose, with exotic traces of tarragon spice and mahogany.  

Spreading over the palate supple and bright, it bears flavours of cherry, plum, raspberry and green bell pepper, dressed by a touch of vanilla. 

Picked at the Cascade Vineyard (formerly named Wismer) October 28th as grape sugars averaged 20.9° Brix.

Freshly picked grapes were destemmed for primary fermentation in an open-top oak cuve.  Next, the wine settled and matured in a 1000-Litre French oak Tun.  After 16 months, 150 cases were bottled in March 2023.

At the time of bottling, alcohol measured 12%; Residual Sugar 1 g; Titratable Acidity 5.9 grams per litre; pH 3.5

Dry: 1 g residual sugar

Vegan friendly.         

                           Ontario Certified Sustainable Winemaking


Food companions:

Serve near 14° C with vegetarian chili, lentil soup, traditional burgers or grilled vegetable sandwiches.