BUBBLES Collection

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The BUBBLES collection is perfect for anyone who appreciates all varieties of sparkling wine.  With a combination of traditional method and prosecco-style, charmat method, these sparklers can cover any occasion...or create an occasion!

It includes 6 bottles of premium, handcrafted wine that can complement a variety of foods and can be enjoyed just as well (and sometimes more) on their own!

We’ve taken the stress out of wine selecting and in-store shopping by assembling this special collection.

Included in our BUBBLES collection, you will find a description page with handy notes about what to expect from each wine.

Whether you're purchasing it as a gift or to enjoy yourself, you can be confident that when you choose Malivoire, you’ve selected a Certified Sustainable, proudly local wine. 

See full product details for each of these wines linked below: 

2 x Bisous Brut (winery only) - traditional method sparkling wine; dry, 60% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay

2 x Bisous Rosé (winery only) - traditional method sparkling wine; dry, 100% Pinot Noir

2 x Che Bello NV sparkling wine - dry, light prosecco-style white