'Summer Sippers' Collection

The 'Summer Sippers' Collection ensures that you have the wine essentials for entertaining or those impromptu guest drop ins. It includes 6 premium, handcrafted wine that can complement a variety of foods and company. 

We’ve taken the stress out of selecting wine by assembling this special collection.

Included in our 'Summer Sippers' Collection you will find a description page with handy notes about what to expect from each wine.  

You can be confident that when you choose Malivoire, you’ve selected wine that is Certified Sustainable, and proudly local.

See full product details for each of these wines linked below: 

2023 Pinot Gris (winery only)- dry, crisp and most versatile white;  Fan favourite!

2022 Small Lot Chardonnay (winery only)- dry, crisp and refreshing 

2022 Ladybug Rosé - dry & fresh; one of our most popular wines

2022 Rosé Moira (winery only) - dry, zesty with elegant complexity; National Wine AWARD Winner

2022 Small Lot Gamay (winery only) - dry, earthy and smooth; National Wine AWARD Winner

2021 Old Vines Foch (winery only) - dry, rich, full-bodied; Fan favourite!