MONTHLY 'At Home' Virtual Tasting - WINE & Tasting Kit

  • Sold Out! - 'At Home' Holiday Theme 3 btl + tasting kit - November 25 at 7 pm

The 'At Home' Wine and Tasting Kit is a great comparison experience.  This is a perfect way to understand these wines, ,along with the assistance of the complimentary online event and the sample bottles.  Then you have the full, unopened wines to enjoy at a later date of your choosing.

Included in this 'At Home' Virtual Tasting Kit you will find a description page with handy notes about what to expect from each wine.

You will also find a 2 or 3 - 4 oz sample bottle of each wine.  These samples bottles have limited shelf life, unlike the wine in the full sized bottle.  Please be sure to consume the samples within 10 day of receiving them - they will have a date on them as well.  The sooner to taste the Sample Bottles, the more indicative it will be of the wine in the full sized bottles. 

NOTE: To ensure that you have your sample bottles for the date of your booked event, we will delay shipping of the wine package until closer to event.

Whether you're purchasing it as a gift or to enjoy yourself, you can be confident that when you choose Malivoire, you’ve selected a Certified Sustainable, proudly local wine. 

STEP 1: Purchased your wine now!

STEP 2: BOOK the DATE & Time your Experience!  The link to join the online event will be sent to you this way.

STEP 3:  Mark your calendar and enjoy your special event with us!

For questions about the online Virtual events, please see the calendar online to register and receive all the details.