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NEW!!! Taste Like a SOMM(elier) Series - WINE & Tasting Kit

  • Sold Out! - Taste Like a Somm - Part 1; 6 bottles; 3 weeks of online classes $30, plus $10 Gift Card
  • Sold Out! - Taste Like a Somm - Both Part 1 &2; 12 bottles; 6 weeks of online classes Only $30, plus $30 Gift Card; BEST DEAL!


This virtual event will take place over several weeks as we will gather, swirl, smell, taste and hone our skills while learning to taste like a sommelier, from the comfort of home.

Ever wondered how somms pick out those exotic aromas… like gooseberry or pencil shavings? Practice, practice, practice! (and let's be real, tasting is our kind of practice!) 

And here's your chance to impress your friends, be the 'go-to' person on wine, and expand your knowledge, without the cost of a fancy course, and from the best seat in the house… your couch.

Whether you're purchasing it as a gift or to enjoy yourself, you can be confident that when you choose Malivoire, you’ve selected a Certified Sustainable, proudly local wine. 

We'll cover topics like aromatics, flavour profiles, wine texture and explore our palates and senses to learn to taste wine with an appreciation of it's nuances and unique characteristics.  No wine knowledge is needed - you will learn along the way!

Wednesdays -  @ 7 pm
All sessions/classes will be recorded.  So if you miss one, or are starting later in the term, no problem.  You can always catch up!  Questions?  Give us a call at 905-563-9253.

TERM ONE (Begins with January 17th event)
Week 1: January 17 - Tasting 101 - 2 x 750 ml bottles, concealed for 'blind' tasting
Week 2: January 24 - Aromatics; includes Ladybug Rosé and Small Lot Pinot Noir
Week 3: January 31 - Flavours; includes Small Lot Chardonnay and Old Vines Foch

BREAK: February 7 & 14

TERM TWO (Begins with February 21st event)
Week 4: February 21 - Textures; includes Forgotten Row Chardonnay and Stouck Farmstead Red
Week 5: February 28 - What else can you do with wine? Cocktails; includes Gewürztraminer Icewine and Che Bello
Week 6: March 6 - Celebrating what you've learned! Final Blind Tasting; 2 x 750 ml bottles, concealed for 'blind' tasting

You will receive registration details, depending on the Term that you select, or if you select both!  You will be sent the Zoom link for joining the virtual class upon registration.

STEP 1: Purchased your TERM that includes Wine and your Tasting Package now!

STEP 2: Watch your INBOX.  The link to join the online event will be sent to you using the email supplied with the order and your electronic Gift Card!

STEP 3:  Mark your calendar and enjoy your special event with us!  Please note that this will also be recorded, in case something comes up and you can't attend the session.