PRIVATE 'At Home' Virtual Tasting Experience

Taste with us from the comfort of your own home with a Private 'At Home' Virtual Tasting Experience! We will guide you through a 45 minute tasting of 3 wines selected by you.

There are 4 packages to choose from:

Deep Dive into Chardonnay - with a full array of Chardonnays available, this package explores the distinction between a variety of Chardonnay styles.  Wine include: Small Lot Chardonnay,  Mottiar Chardonnay and Forgotten Row Chardonnay

Red Lovers - showcasing the diversity of our reds, from elegant and fruity to full bodied and complex wines.  Wines include:  Small Lot Pinot Noir, Wismer Cabernet Franc and Stouck Farmstead Red

All About Gamay
- exploring vineyard and vinification differences of Gamay, which Malivoire has become well recognized for over the years. Wines include: Genova Gamay, Small Lot Gamay and Courtney Gamay

Classics & Most Popular - a selection of wines that over the years have become Malivoire Fan Favourites!  Wines include: Pinot Gris, Small Lot Gamay and Old Vines Foch

Included in this PRIVATE 'At Home' Virtual Tasting Experience you will find a description page with handy notes about what to expect from each wine.

Whether you're purchasing it as a gift or to enjoy yourself, you can be confident that when you choose Malivoire, you’ve selected a Certified Sustainable, proudly local wine.

STEP 1: Purchase your PRIVATE 'At Home' Virtual Wine Experience now!  Please note that you should order a minimum of 7 days in advance of our event for delivery of your package.

STEP 2: BOOK the DATE & Time for your Experience!  Dates and times for this are available from Friday - Sunday, at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

STEP 3: We will contact you to confirm details and provide a link for your private virtual experience.

If you have questions or are interested in customizing a virtual tasting event for your group, please contact us:

For questions about all our online Virtual events, please see the calendar online to register and receive all the details.