What we will do if you become a member.

  • Give you prior notice of new releases and events before they are openly publicized.
  • Provide you with exclusive access to other special releases and events.
  • Record and respond to your personal requests.
  • Call you if you leave your wallet, credit card, sunglasses or kids behind.
  • Respect your privacy rights.

What we will not do.

  • Release your information to any other person or company.
  • Send more than 15 emails per year.
  • Use your telephone number (if given) for sales campaigns.
  • Keep on file your credit card information.

You are a member but have not heard from us lately.

If you have given us your email address in the past, and have not received any communication from us within two (2) months, please contact us so we can double check that we have your correct address. Before you contact us, we do recommend checking the following possibilities first:

You may not have received our emails because they may have gone into your “junk” or “spam” file folder. If this is happening, you’ll need to click on or designate the e-mail address as an accepted e-mail address.

Even if our emails haven’t previously gone into your junk folder, please still designate the address as acceptable in your spam guard. This may allow the next emailing to come through to you.

Another issue may be that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or IT department (if you have given us your “work” email) may have spam guard software that’s blocking the emails. In that case, you may want to email them to ask them not to block it.

If all else fails, we recommend you provide us another email address (home if we have your work address or vice versa) to receive our information. Then you can forward it to the account where you want to read it.


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As a small winery, Malivoire frequently produces wines that, because of limited production and short-term availability, will not appear on our website or regular wine list. As well, from time to time we have invitation-only events available exclusively to our list of friends.