From its beginning, Martin Malivoire’s winery was characterized in the minds of visitors by its most visible attribute. The structure, unconventionally spanning the slope of a ravine, was built to incorporate the natural pull of gravity into its winemaking process.

From our visitor entrance the impression is dramatic. We wish we could describe the function with appropriate theatricality, but the details are pragmatically down-to-earth. From a winemaker’s point of view there are times when coaxing the most out of a new vintage is better obtained through gentle motion, and gravity offers the gentlest.

Our Winemaker also has the luxury of using the finest equipment, including stainless steel vessels imported from Rieger in Germany and sturdy oak cuves built by Grenier in France. Our cellars house hundreds of handsome Burgundian barrels crafted by the best French and American coopers.

The steel canopies and rock pillars sheltering the entrances to our winery were inspired by Canada’s rugged natural landscapes; one is reminded of the Niagara Escarpment or the Canadian Shield. The wooden supports bracing the canopies are discarded telephone poles made of Canadian Red Pine. Here Malivoire validates two of its priorities, conscientious use (and re-use) of natural resources while reinforcing its Canadian identity.