GAMAY Micro-Cuvées - MIXED 6 or 12

Guide to Canada's Best Wines 2020 -

This first ever Micro-Cuvée Pack/Case includes:

2 (or 4 in a case) x 2019 Genova Gamay- A swirl frees scents of lush red berry fruits, pomegranate, cassis and spicy white pepper.  A taste finds the wine exuberantly fruity, and juicy, with flavours suggesting sour cherry, cranberry and raspberry, leaving a tart, fresh finish. 93 points Learn more...


2 (or 4 in a case) x 2019 Wismer-Foxcroft Gamay - Cherry syrup, blueberry, plum kirsch and floral, spicy and earthy aromas decorate the nose.  A sip finds a fresh, velvety, juicy texture and flavours of dark cherry and cranberry with a trace of cocoa. 94 points
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2 (or 4 in a case) x 2019 Gamay 'Le Cœur' - Fragrant of Niagara cherry, blackcurrant, floral apple blossom and herbs and spice.  It’s silky and intensely fruity with flavours of cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and plum with a mineral underlay. 94 points Learn more...

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Vegan friendly.           Certified Sustainable.

                           Ontario Certified Sustainable Winemaking