Somewhereness - Special 3 Pack

Somewhereness - Special 3 Pack

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A NEW and rare finding - 3 winery wines in one unique package. 
Somewhereness is a collection top-quality, site specific, terroir-minded Ontario wineries; whose goal is the advancement of outstanding Ontario wine by creating ‘sense-of-place’ awareness.  The 3-Pack is a collaberation of three of those wineries.

MALIVOIRE - 2016 Small Lot Pinot Noir:
Aromas imply strawberry, blackcurrant, apple peel, black tea and dried flowers.
Lithe tannins contribute a silky, creamy texture.  Flavours bring to mind cooked cherry, cranberry, blueberry and plum.  For complete information visit 2016 Small Lot Pinot Noir.

CHARLES BAKER - 2016 Side B Riesling
The rebellious younger sibling of the single vineyards, this is the flip side.  The young vines of the Niagara Escarpment with its limestone and shale, the early harvests, the less coddled.  The B-Side.

DOMAINE QUEYLUS - 2014 Reserve Cabernet Franc
A ‘Single-Vineyard’ from our Estate vineyard in the Lincoln Lakeshore VQA sub-appellation in Beamsville, this is an incredibly rich-yet-nuanced, terroir-based wine from an intense-yet-balanced year. Here at Domaine Queylus, we are all lovers of finesse and elegance, which is why we love the ‘softer’ of the Bordeaux varieties, Merlot & Cabernet Franc. In wines made from these varieties, we find a perfume and finesse less evident in the other, later maturing Bordeaux varieties.