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25th Anniversary Dinner - Toronto - Will you Sit with Us?

  • Sold Out! - Menu as designed for Malivoire - 4 courses with wine - $165 + tax
  • Sold Out! - Ask us for Vegetarian Menu - $165 + tax
  • Sold Out! - Ask Us for Special Consideration for Allergies - $165 + tax

Thank you for a great event!

 An Intimate Dinner of Story Telling
with Martin Malivoire, Proprietor and Shiraz Mottiar, Winemaker

Embracing 25 Years with Gratitude

Our 25-year milestone is a testament to your unwavering support; each bottle of wine you've taken home has played a role in the stories we share while sitting around the table. To commemorate this special occasion we thought it would be fitting to expand our table.

Our winemaker dinner, hosted by winemaker Shiraz Mottiar along with Martin Malivoire, will be an evening of appreciation, casual conversation and shared stories. We hope you will be able to sit down with us as we raise our glasses to 25 years of sustainability, resilience, and the warmth of your continued embrace.

Martin Malivoire, Proprietor  Shiraz Mottiar, Winemaker
Will you sit with us?
Richmond Station

Please note that seating is communal;
 Please let us know if you have requests for seating close to particular guests.

4 Courses with wine and hospitality included
$165, plus tax ($186.45)
At Richmond Station, Hospitality is Included?
Hospitality Included describes the service at a restaurant that has eliminated tipping. Instead of tips, all the necessary revenue to properly compensate all staff members is already built into the menu items and offerings.
At Richmond Station the hospitality is included in the pricing - and you don't have to pay extra at the end for it. We follow this model for guests dining at the restaurant and at all of our offsite or curated events. The price is inclusive of gratuities but still subject to HST.

IMPORTANT:  Unfortunately this dining room is not fully accessible.  Please let us know of your needs so that we can accommodate if possible.

If you have any dietary questions or needs, please contact us in advance of purchasing your tickets.  We will do our best to accommodate whenever possible.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email us directly or call 905-563-9253.