A walk through the winery...

It’s February; as we finish tidying from the double rush of a Holiday Season and Niagara Icewine Festival, the new year ahead begins to take shape. 
A walk through the winery finds Elisa in her lab, charting the progress of her infant wines, as Dan keeps the tank and barrel cellars in tune.  New vintages of Courtney Gamay and Forgotten Row Chardonnay have finished their time in barrel and within the next two weeks, they’ll be transferred to tanks in preparation for bottling.  Also stabilized and ready for bottle are the 2023 Moira and Vivant roses.  Samples of the next Stouck Vineyard Merlot and Farmstead Red will be drawn soon for the tasting trials that will determine final blending.   Finishing touches are being applied to Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Franc and Old Vines Foch, which are due for the bottling line in March, and 2022 Ladybug awaits release in both bottle and can. 

Tasting Theatre

Downstairs in the wine shop, Annette and the team are brainstorming about upcoming events. After reviewing the year just passed, they’ll decide what to bring back this year, what to change, and what new ideas to act on.  (Watch here to find out!)

Out on the acreage, Tristan and Steve have three estate vineyards to themselves. Incredibly, the two of them will prune 40 hectares and by spring, last year’s growth will be cut, making room for new canes that will bear the harvest of 2024. 
Finally, everyone here will have eyes and ears on the doors, phones and in-boxes. That’s because we never want to miss connecting with you.