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#Brothers Project - Through the Eyes...

Post 2 - Through the Eyes of Winemaker, Shiraz Mottiar

Shiraz in the barrel cellar

"I first connected with Dan because we were searching for the same kind of place to express wines of purity we each envisioned to make. I was snooping around the County with my soil map in the early 2000’s, not long after Dan, but it was finding and buying my farm on Quarry Road on the Beamsville Bench that rooted me firmly in Niagara. From that point on, I parked my soil map of PEC on top of the bookshelf (it’s still there) and focused on my slice of the bench while enjoying Dan’s County wines, seeing familiarity of style reflected.

Mottiar Vineyard

So the vineyard that stopped me from potentially going to PEC and the winemaker whose wines share my ethos now come together. @rosehallrun
Like brothers reunited, our spheres have been circling each other until this moment."

📸 @rickettes
View from the Mottiar Vineyard on the Beamsville Bench

More to come on #brothersproject next week