Harvest: No Break at Halftime




Entering the back half of harvest, our farm and production people have no time to stop and admire their work.  Much has been done; grapes for the next sparkling wines and pinot noir rosés have been picked and pressed, but now the busiest part begins.   

Over the next three weeks, chardonnay and gamay will be picked as our vineyard team strives to get ahead on a harvest that started about ten days later than the norm.  Once that’s done, it’ll be time to pick for our 2023 Small Lot and Estate Grown Chardonnays, Small Lot and Farmstead Gamays and of course, Ladybug. 

Weather-wise, this year reminds us of the past harvests of 2011 and 2017, marked by moderate rain and temperatures, with sunny and breezy days to keep the grapes dry.  Yields are average, though a bit more frugal from our pinot noir vines this year. 

Peering into a crystal ball, trying to predict what the wines of 2023 will be like, it’s too soon for a clear picture, but educated guesses include moderate (i.e., not high) alcohol, and bright, intense fruit flavours.   

Late winter or early spring should see the first of them.