Why we took the "pop" out of Che Bello

Written by: Eric Nixon

Four years since its first appearance, Che Bello sparkling wine is going through a change.  Not one you’ll notice in the glass; what’s in the bottle has not changed, it’s as luscious as ever to drink, and fruity-and-fun will always define its style.

Che Bello Crown Cap

The change is on the outside.  Check the new bottles on our shelves, in restaurants and LCBO stores, and you’ll see the older-style cork and foil has given way to crown caps. This isn’t just for the sake of appearance; it’s another step in our mission for greater environmental sustainability. 

Corks, if not synthetic, are compostable.  However, many regional recycling programs will not reprocess the foils and wires that secure them.  Furthermore, they are bulkier than caps and require more truck space and fuel consumption to transport for bottling.

Metal caps, on the other hand, are compact, lightweight and easily transported.  They’re almost universally recyclable, although some collectors (like the Beer Store in Ontario) prefer they be bagged separately for return.

One other thing; while they won’t “pop” like firecrackers, crown cap bottles are just so quick and easy to open, which makes them perfect for fun-and-informal festivities... like a Canada Day long weekend!