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Wood: The Last Post?


Image Above: All trellsing has been removed to prepare for NEW trellising system.


Folks who’ve known us since Malivoire’s beginnings will recall a decision made by Martin when his first vineyards were being planted.  Faced with a choice between trellising the acreage between wood or steel posts, Martin opted for the old-fashioned way.  Behind the decision were concerns that temperature extremes and iron oxides could penetrate the soil through standard steel “T” posts.   

Wood seemed the better choice, but years of use revealed that it, too, had limitations.  Older posts began to heave under pressure from ground frost.  Prevailing winds gradually pushed them off-centre, and ground-level moisture caused them to rot and break. 


Image Above: Old wooden post in process of being removed.


By the time these issues became apparent, a better option had appeared: posts made from galvanized steel.  Long, sturdy and lightweight, they’re made by Profil Alsace in east France.  

Galvanized posts have proven ideal for cool climate viticulture. They can be driven deep into the ground where winter frost can’t undermine, and wind can’t twist them.  They’re environmentally neutral and highly resistant to corrosion, saving the trouble and cost of replacement and meeting our Sustainability requirements.   


Image Above: New galvanized posts


Complete with prefabricated clips for training wires, galvanized posts are faster and easier to install than others.  Under the supervision of Tristan and Steve, our newest vineyard blocks have already been trellised this way and conversion of the clone 777 pinot noir block of the Moira Vineyard commenced early this year. 

As the new investments more than reward themselves through improved vineyard performance, it’s not hard to see a future, not far distant, when all Malivoire acreage will be trellised this way. 


Image Above: Final view - new wood end posts with galvanized steel posts through out.