Our early literature described Malivoire as blending innovative thinking with respect for tradition. Looking back, this definition has stood the test of time.

While always receptive to new practices or tools to improve our wine, Malivoire recognizes that as a quality-of-life product, wine’s traditions are treasured by many as essential to their fullest enjoyment of the experience. Malivoire has evaluated emerging farm, vinification and bottling, techniques, while remaining wedded to the concept of wine as a natural product.

A good example is the barrel cellar, which you can see distinctively half-embedded in the ground beside our winery. Here, every opportunity has been taken to reduce energy consumption. At the floor we optimize the moderating influence of the earth, which cools the cellar in summer and warms it in winter. The roof, exposed in the winter, absorbs heat from the sun’s reflection to warm the interior. In summer, however, the roof hides under a cooling green canopy of leaves from the intertwining vines that grow around the structure.

At the beginning of every harvest day, visitors to the winery will hear what sounds like an Air Commodore Whittle experiment firing up. With apologies to Sir Frank, it’s actually a Martin Malivoire invention, a motorized, heavy-duty stainless steel sorting table. Used for up-close inspection of incoming grapes, the table vibrates rapidly, rotating and separating the grape clusters as they move toward the crusher. This way, we ensure that only the best quality grapes are made into wine.

In our farming practices, we at Malivoire choose not to use quick-fix chemical solutions to vineyard challenges. Experience has shown that synthetic treatments, while effective in the short term, can cause long-term complications. We recognize that if we can meet natural obstacles effectively with natural solutions, our vineyards will thrive without causing deterioration to their surrounding habitat.