Shiraz Mottiar; Winemaker

Shiraz Mottiar, Winemaker

Born and raised in small-town Ontario, Shiraz was pursuing higher education in the business realm when an inner voice detoured him to winemaking.  He entered the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute at Brock University and was a member of its’ first graduating class in 2000.  In the fall of that year, armed with his BSC (Honours) in Oenology and Viticulture, Shiraz joined the staff of Malivoire as a Cellar Hand.  Within a year he had been promoted to Assistant Winemaker.

In 2002 Shiraz was given temporary leave to take his skills to the Yarra Valley of Australia.  Joining the staff of Coldstream Hills Winery for its fall harvest, he was described by the winery’s founder, wine judge - author James Halliday, as “one of the stars of the vintage”.  Shiraz returned to Malivoire for another two vintages before taking the reins as Winemaker in the summer of 2005.

Shiraz personifies Malivoire’s founding philosophy: that excellence as a winery begins with healthy soil and vines, and depends on minimal human manipulation of the fruit and its wine.  He respects each vintage as a unique event and allows this to influence his methods.  He wants any given wine to stand out from its past and future vintages, reflecting the year in which it was grown.  Shiraz also believes that the Niagara Peninsula, as a young wine region is still defining its terroir.  He is determined that his wines, with each succeeding vintage, will contribute to that definition.

At the end of his day he returns home to his own Beamsville Bench vineyard, where he farms three hectares of pinot noir and chardonnay vines. 
A devotee of quality of life, Shiraz reserves time for travel, the enjoyment of live music, outdoor recreation and spending time with his family.


Ontario’s top winemaker award goes to a Brock alum named Shiraz (Ackles "Ontario's top winemaker award goes to a Brock alum named Shiraz" 2017)


Tristin Bondett, Vineyard Manager/Winemaker; Shiraz Mottiar, Winemaker;
Elisa Mazzi, Assistant Winemaker; Dan Stouck, Assistant Winemaker

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