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The youth and optimism of Canada’s wine industry make it an exciting one to be part of.   On the other hand, winemaking is a trade dating back to classical antiquity, and it’s Martin’s conviction that to best know any variety or style of wine, one should go to its place of origin. 


There, he believes, is where you will find the greatest trove of accumulated wisdom.  Accordingly, Martin has guided our winemaking team through some of the world’s founding wine regions. 


They’ve gone to Burgundy to study chardonnay and pinot noir, and Beaujolais to unlock the secrets of gamay.  The inspiration for Malivoire’s pale roses was sparked in Provence, and Franciacorta provided insight that advanced the distinction of our sparkling wines. 


On other occasions our production team has travelled to other young, emerging wine regions such as Napa and the Willamette Valley.   Every one of these has added worth to Malivoire’s in-house wine wisdom. #20YearsIn20Posts