By this time twenty years ago, the future Malivoire winery was rapidly nearing completion on the Beamsville Bench. It was time to add people to bring the new winery to life. As the major task at the time was establishing vineyards, the original staff was populated mainly by outside workers. A colourful and diverse string of people has wound its way through, in the years since.

Our harvests have been graced by recruits from France, Italy, England, Australia and New Zealand. Then there are the more permanent staff, hired locally. Of these, four have amassed more than 5 years at Malivoire and seven can count more than 10 years.

Today we keep dozens of people busy across various properties. At any given time, we could have several hosting guests in our bustling wine shop, a tour outside being led past the vines, a team of seasonal workers thinning leaves by hand, while elsewhere a tractor trims mechanically. At our warehouse, a staffer on a fork lift could be assembling wine for an out-of-province distributor as another packs orders for local home delivery, while back at the winery, Shiraz and his team check the progress of next year's releases.