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Without “you”, there is no “us”!  Since the day we opened, we’ve appreciated that you, the patron, by sustaining us in so many ways, made the past twenty years possible.  You’ve bought our product from the winery, from liquor and grocery stores, and your favourite restaurants.  You’ve shared it with your friends and family and sent them to us.  Your praise has raised our reputation.  Finally, your approval, and the companionship that you bring, has made our work worthwhile and keeps us coming back.  

We come back to share the emotion of a curious new visitor, or the familiar glow of an encounter with someone we’ve known for years.  It is remarkable how often, at the door or on the phone, we see the faces and hear the voices of people who were among the first to come to us.  It’s a sign, we hope, that we made the right changes while keeping the right things.