A Promising Start to the Season of 2023

A wide view of the vineyard rows. The escarpment is pictured in the background with bright green grass and dandelions between the rows and a cloudy sky above.



The signs are still invisible to the casual observer, but to Steve Kornic, whose hands and eyes are daily on our vines, they’re unmistakable The swelling of stubby buds and the sap trickling from newly cut canes declare a new growing season is about to begin. 

As our Assistant Vineyard Manager, Steve has seen his workdays become busier since March, when the vineyard staff, bolstered by seasonal workers, began prepping Malivoire’s various farmsites for spring. 


After long hours of pruning and tying, the Stouck and Frost Road vineyards are ready, and the Moira, Estate and Mottiar sites close behind.  Then it’s on to finish post repairs, wire replacements and mulching. 


The vines still look dormant, but Steve knows bud break is close, likely just a couple of warmer days away.  He expects varieties including chardonnay and gamay to open first, and others including pinot noir and cabernet franc to break a bit later. 


The possibility of damaging frost cannot be completely discounted for another month, but healthy vines are showing normal bud counts and so far, the weather has not been obstinate. 


All in all, a promising start to the season of 2023. 


Pictured Steve Kornic emptying a yellow bin by hand of Pinot Noir Grapes on to our sorting table before they make their way to the press.