Our Earth Day is Every Day!

Sustainability ranks huge in the Malivoire how-to manual.  More than a policy, it’s a pillar of our “Three P” (Planet, People, Prosperity) principles, on which this winery was founded.  

Dan Stouck with 3 legged stool

Sustainability guides what we do daily, inside and out.  Broadly, its priorities are energy efficiency, waste reduction and preservation of a healthy environment for our neighbours and ourselves.

In practical terms, energy conservation informs our purchases of high-efficiency farm tractors and tools, and substitution of LED lighting for older flourescent appliances.  Winemaking innovations include electricity-conserving clarification methods that eliminate the need for refrigeration, and diversion of byproducts to preserve the cleanliness of wastewater.

Waste reduction means composting any materials that are biodegradable while recycling or repurposing those that are not, and broader use of compostable packaging materials.

Eco-raster in the driveway at Malivoire

Consideration for the environment calls on us to maintain the purity of our air and groundwater through reduction of machinery emissions and vineyard pesticides. Extending the life of our wine barrels reduces pressure on forests. Stewarding healthy soil, groundwater and biodiversity in our vineyards enables them to also thrive as habitats for local wildlife.

Importantly, compliance is monitored continually through reporting on request to the provincial regulating agency, Sustainable Winemaking Ontario.
Through Sustainable practices, our goal is to ensure that this winery and its vineyards will be endowments to our local landscape, nature and community, to benefit them for the generations to come.