Malivoire Wins "Winery of the Year" at 2021 National Wine Awards

2021 'Winery of the Year'

The Beamsville Bench winery earns 17 medals and takes top honour out of a field of 260 competitors.

After tasting and critiquing more than 2000 wines, the judges in Pentiction, BC at the National Wine Awards declared Beamsville’s Malivoire Wine as CANADIAN WINERY OF THE YEAR. The most prestigious award in the country was given to Malivoire after it claimed a total of 17 medals including the most Platinums ever awarded to one winery:

Platinum Medal

        3 x Platinum

Gold Mdeal

        1 x Gold

Silver Award

        8 x Silver

Bronze Medal

        5 x Bronze

 The 3 x Platinum medals achieved for 2020 Gamay “Le Coeur” (translated to ‘the heart’), Bisous Rosé NV Sparkling and Analog Red (a wine composed of Cabernet Franc and Gamay), is a new milestone for the National Wine Awards. “This is the first time that one winery has one three Platinum Medals at the Nationals. A great achievement. And I am delighted to point out that the medals were won over three different styles of wines. The whole idea of this exercise is to highlight and reward consistency” said David Lawrason, National Wine Awards.
President, Martin Malivoire

Pictured Above: President, Martin Malivoire


Reflecting on the milestone for his winery, President Martin Malivoire commented:
“For me, an honour of this stature speaks not only to our commitment to winemaking and viticulture – two elements that I am incredibly proud to see recognized, but to the dedication of our winery staff at large.  I would like to think this award reflects the culture and DNA of our winery, where each person has a vital role in contributing to our identity and the recognition we receive.  Celebrations like the National Wine Awards and the accolades they bring for all Canadian wines are instrumental in ensuring the longevity, sustainability and consistency of our industry – they give us all something to aspire too.  Congratulations to my whole team at Malivoire. This is your award.”
Winemaker, Shiraz Mottiar
Picture Above: Winemaker, Shiraz Mottiar

Winemaker Shiraz Mottiar, a graduate of Brock University’s Enology program and Malivoire winemaker since 2005 remarked: “Wow, I am beside myself.  I am so proud of this accomplishment and the team that made it happen – my fellow winemakers Elisa Mazzi, Dan Stouck, vineyard manager Tristan Bondett and our entire farm and production crew. Our focus on finding how to best express what grows in our vineyards has been our ultimate goal. This has been Martin Malivoire’s vision that we have been fortunate to fulfil, without worry of zigging when fashions and tastes may zag.  The handful of talented growers we have long worked with also make integral contributions to ensure we can be at the same consistent and creative in our winemaking. Thank you NWAC for this incredible recognition.”