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Getting to Know Jemil Jamieson!


In a few ‘quick questions” get to know our favourite “do-er of all things” Jemil Jamieson!

Jem has been with Malivoire for 5 years, and like a lot of us has had experience in all aspects of winery life.  From early days with the retail team, to on-going vineyard + winemaking assistance to overseeing all aspects of our what enters and exits our warehouse.  Ordered online in the past few years?  It was Jemil who packed your order. 😊 

Away we go!

Stacy: Jem, describe your ‘Favourite Malivoire Moment’

Jemil: Ultimately I have to say our 20th Anniversary Party was the most memorable. Our staff worked so hard to transform the winery into a beautiful space to host a truly awesome party.

But most of all we really got to witness all the love and support for the company. Seeing our special guests together in one space reminded all of us why we do this.
Great food, awesome company and of course fantastic wines. 

Stacy: Oh, great answer! A special moment for many of us I think. 😊 OK, the most important question… What will you be creating for your staff harvest meal this year?!   

Jemil: It's turning into a bit of a tradition, a nod to my homeland and again I will be making a Filipino food bonanza. Pancit (noodle dish), longanisa(sweet sausage), lumpia(type of egg roll), mango salad and another surprise item I have not decided on yet.

Stacy: This meal qualifies as one of my 'favourite Malivoire moments'… Counting. Down. The. Days.  Next question, what is your favourite movie/book, or music?

Jemil: Im not sure I would call it an all time favorite or anything, but a notable movie for me is Jurassic Park, the first movie I saw when I first moved to Canada in 1993. I've probably seen this movie at least 100 times.

DYK that this movie only used about 50 CGI shots? Modern day movies use over 1000 🤯

Book: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse- Charles Macksey
Simple and beautiful life lessons for all ages.

Music: This one is way too difficult to answer. My favorite concerts:  Stevie Wonder in Toronto and Leonard Cohen in the Hammer *I won these tickets on Twitter floor seats. 🤯

Stacy: You certainly introduced me to “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse 😊 How About Something that we may find surprising about you?

Jemil: I play a lot of Chess, some say too much!

Stacy: Share with us your favourite travel moment or trip?

Jemil: Croatia, as part of a school travel program to study the growing tourism industry. Two weeks sailing north in the Adriatic coast from Split ( pronounced: Shh-plit) to Pula (Poo-lyah).
One moment in particular comes to mind one day we were docked at one of the small towns our ship crew were standing around the boat with a spears in hand. To my curiosity I sauntered over and in the water Octopus were swimming up to the side of the boat. A spontaneous spear fishing session was under way.  The crew handed me a Karlovačko (a popular beer) and let me join in for a few spear throws. Unfortunately I did not personally catch one, regardless later that evening we enjoyed grilled octopus for dinner anyway.

Thanks so much Jem!  You make our days brighter and we are lucky to have you!