Getting to Know Ellie Riches

It’s time for another session of “getting to know us”.    

In a few quick questions, let's get to know one of the newest members of the Malivoire Team – Ellie Riches.

Ellie has been an integral part of the retail team this summer. Her thoughtful and introspective nature has helped her not only expand her own personal knowledge but also improve our guests’ experience too!

Gentle, yet out-going, we value having Ellie as part of our team. 

And while she has enjoyed her time on the patio and in the shop interacting with guests, we are seeing her quickly transition to the winemaking crew for harvest 2021.

Away we go!

Stacy: Ellie, all harvest staff create a harvest-meal for the team,  Any thoughts on what will you create for your meal this year? 

Ellie: I think I would try a cedar plank maple salmon recipe.

Stacy: Ooo, a solid choice! Time for favourites…Care to share some music, movie, or book go-to’s?

Ellie: My favorite band at the moment is Arcade Fire. As a whole, I really enjoy alternative music and I love going to concerts. My favorite movie is Beetlejuice. 

Stacy: I think our winemaker Shiraz will be happy to hear that musical choice! Always a diverse selection of music playing during harvest. How about a favourite travel moment.

Ellie: Sitting by the ocean while in Miami Florida, for me it was a really beautiful and peaceful moment.

Stacy: Thinking ahead – Future plans or bucket list items?

Ellie: I would love to travel and see the world. But more specifically, I would love to work a vintage in BC and hopefully, one day live on a beach.

Stacy: It sounds like you are destined to follow the sun Ellie, we just hope it doesn’t happen too soon! 😉