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Our Winemaker's Eye on the Sky

Among the most Frequent of our F-A-Qs these days is what this winter's climate means to the farm.  For sure, our vines have been witness to all types of weather, from frigid and blustery to breezy and mild, and everything in between.  
Our Winemaker, Shiraz Mottiar, and Vineyard Manager Tristan Bondett, in charge of sustaining our acreage, consult weekly while keeping weather and vines under watch.  Here is what Shiraz tells us:

Moira Vineyard at Sunrise

Our vineyards entered the winter in good health but changeable weather, particularly the unseasonable warm spells, have begun to nudge sleeping vines out of their winter slumber.  To Shiraz's satisfaction, there is no sign of sap run or bud-swell.  This is good; it means the vines would still be protected from a sudden freeze.  However, frequent warm spells could influence an early budbreak while the risk of damaging, frigid weather is still present.  
For that reason, Shiraz and Tristan will keep our property under "yellow alert" until the risk subsides, probably at the end of this month.  Once that happens, we'll be on course to a healthy yield, on par with typical vintages.