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The Story of Ecoraster


Imagine eliminating over 660,000 plastic shopping bags from landfill, read on for details….

Early this spring, after long discussions and critical input from staff, our owner Martin Malivoire moved forward with a plan to improve our outdoor experience.  This not only included expanding our patio, it focused on ways to create a more efficient space with our sustainability pillars at its core.

With our steep grading leading up to the escarpment, we have struggled with drainage and a persistent need to maintain our driveway after rain storms and the annual spring thaws –  in comes Ecoraster, a permeable pavement system. 

You may have noticed this unique grid system beneath your feet on your last visit.  It was painstakingly installed by Martin and our team for weeks before we officially re-opened in June. With a finishing layer of small gravel on top and another foot of gravel beneath it, it has provided us with incredible results. 

Water now permeates the ground after rainfall and has eliminated soil erosion. It has also alleviated the creation of dust on those hot dry days of summer too. 

Best of all, it is made in Canada with 100% post-consumer plastic bags. Each square foot installed diverts 90 plastic shopping bags from landfill.

Some quick math….  After installing 7354 square feet this season, we’ve eliminated 661,860 bags from landfill!