Jan.9, 2019

We're on!  Icewine harvest is moving forward on Friday, Jan. 11th at 5:45 am!

We will congregate at the winery’s top level. Please park in our upper level parking lot and sign in at the office. Once assembled, we will walk out into our vineyard, at 6AM, where Gewürztraminer grapes await.

How to dress:
The buzzwords for icewine harvest attire are “comfortable”, “layered” and “practical”. Although we will be outside in cold conditions, it is helpful to dress in layers as the physical exertion of picking may have you feeling over-warm at times. We recommend you bring a warm head cover, a coat that fastens snugly around your neck, insulated and waterproofed gloves, padded and waterproofed pants, and insulated boots with low heels. Please keep in mind that your outerwear may become soiled by dirt or grape juice.

After the work is done, which should only take 2-3 hours, we hope you’ll join us for hot drinks and a bite to eat. And again, be sure to (carefully and legibly) print and sign our register with your name, as you would like it to appear on the back label when our (your!) icewine is released.

Jan. 8, 2019

Latest update looks like the best time for harvest could be early morning, Fri. Jan. 11th!  We will send out the official email with firm details by end of day tomorrow.  That email will include what to wear, as well as details regarding time and place.  Fingers crossed!

Jan.7, 2019
The forecast finally looks hopeful for the harvest.  At this point, it looks like Thursday, Jan 10th may be the evening.  It is still too early to name the date and time for sure, but wanted to let you know what we are thinking.  Stay tuned!


Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of you who are interested in helping us with our harvest.  If you have emailed to be on the shortlist, you will receive another email with details as we get closer to the date.  At this time, it does not look like the harvest will be happening before Jan. 11th.  Stay tunned...

This is where we put updates about the weather conditions and any changes to the dates and harvest schedule.  It will be updated as we have changes and new information.