"Always a great experience! Highly recommend visiting Malivore! Thanks again for a great time." Robert S. visited on 2023-07-29

"Our tasting experience was awesome. Sorry I don’t remember the name of the young woman who walked us through the tasting but she was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We took home several bottles!! We will be back. Thanks again. Diane H. visited on 2022-12-30; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"Fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks"
Martha S. visited on 2022-09-28; Patio Reservation

"Friendly knowledgeable staff and great wine."
Marcia T.  visited on 2022-09-17; Patio Reservation

"The service was excellent. Your response to diversity, inclusivity and respect for land acknowledgement was very impressive . Keep up the great work, we will be back ! Thank you"
Mena D. visited on 2022-08-25; Patio Reservation

"We very much appreciated the warm welcome from Colin. His knowledge of your wines and excitement in sharing it with us made our tasting experience all the more enjoyable. We look forward to visiting again in the very near future."
Carolyn M. visited on 2022-08-20; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"Thanks for a great tasting and all the special attention. Everyone said this was our favourite event"
Garry D. visited on 2022-08-19; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"Annette was superb as she guided us through our tasting. Very personable and extremely knowledgeable! "
Janet & Alex G visited on 2022-08-12; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"First, we had an extremely warm welcome from Amy. She was friendly, attentive to our taste preferences and our interest to try less common grape varieties. She was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic at presenting your wines. She made our tasting experience memorable."
Yves B. visited on 2022-08-10; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"Nice setting, wine flights were very good and great service."
Iain L. visited on 2022-08-05; Patio

"Barb was excellent. Experience was great and loved the wine 🍷"
Shannon C. visited on 2022-07-16; Indoor Guided Wine Experience × 4

"The gentleman doing our tasting was amazing! Took great care of us! We love Malivoire and will be back."
Patricia I. visited on 2022-07-02; Private Group Experience 

"As always, your staff is delightful, knowledgeable and engaging. Also, your wines are fabulous."
Jeff B. visited on 2022-06-14;  Indoor Guided Wine Experience × 4

"The patio is beautiful and service top notch. The wine tasting was very informative and the consultants were very knowledgeable and accommodating. Overall it was a great visit and will definitely be back."
Kim T. visited on 2022-05-29; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"I had another wonderful visit and tasting and was excited to introduce some friends to the winery and they loved the wine"
Helen B. visited on 2022-05-26; Indoor Guided Wine Experience

"The personnel are very helpful and friendly. The wine are amazing. 
Eric B. visited on 2022-05-20

"What a fantastic visit we had at Malivoire! From the enthusiastic welcome, to the amazing hospitality in the barrel room, and the attentive, knowledgeable staff - we couldn’t have had a better first visit to your winery. Definitely a highlight for our group’s day on the bench. Thank you for delivering an exceptional experience."
Susan P. visited on 2022-04-02; Private Group Experience × 8 

"informative, interactive and great fun"
Rob S. visited on 2022-03-31
Monthly ‘At Home’ Virtual Tasting: Fling into Spring!

"Very interesting and fun!! Well done!"
Daniel L. visited on 2022-03-31
Monthly ‘At Home’ Virtual Tasting: Fling into Spring!

"The tasting staff was very professional and very welcoming. She was knowledgeable about the wines and made my guests and me want to come back again. As a new member and someone who has always enjoyed Malivoire wines, it made me feel I have made a great choice in joining your wine club." 
Kathy B. visited on 2022-03-17; In-Store Wine Flight

"It is always a pleasure to visit Malivoire and taste some lovely wine. Thank you, Linda for the experience. We will be back soon."
Helen B. visited on 2022-02-14; Exclusive Wine Experience

"We had an amazing tasting on Saturday Feb 12th at 11am with Joanna. It was seriously the most professional, informative tasting we’ve ever had and we have been doing this for years! We are new wine members at Malivoire and we were wise to join. Outstanding wines, service and knowledge. Thank you!
Michelle S. visited on 2022-02-12 Exclusive Wine Experience

"Very enjoyable introduction to the winery. I haven't visited it on previous tours but will add it onto the itinerary for the next tour. Looking forward to shopping for wines that are not available at the LCBO as they are usually a great introduction.
Kevin M. 2022-01-27 'At Home' Virtual Tasting - Gamay: Beyond Le Coeur!

"Delicious wines, interesting theme to compare three different Gamays, and Johanna was very knowledgeable and approachable. Excellent!"
Kristin H. 022-01-27 'At Home' Virtual Tasting - Gamay: Beyond Le Coeur!

"Great event and what a surprise to see the difference between bottles all made with the same grape. Cheers to Terroir, vinification and the love of a well made wine!"
Mark B. 2022-01-27 'At Home' Virtual Tasting - Gamay: Beyond Le Coeur!

"Great service, very kind employees"
Janet P. visited on 2021-12-22

"The tasting experience was excellent. Great quality of wines in general. Truly deserving of awards!"
Roger P. visited on 2021-12-19 

"Had a great tasting experience. Excellent staff that were very knowledgeable and pleasant."
Andrew R. visited on 2021-12-17

"Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great overall experience."
Megan I. visited on 2021-12-11; Exclusive Wine Experience

"A lovely visit and wine tasting, with a friendly and professional team!"
Erin C. visited on 2021-12-03 ; In-Store Wine Flight

"Always a pleasure to visit our favourite winery!!"
Jackie M. visited on 2021-12-01; In-Store Wine Flight

"Our tasting was on time and our server was informative and friendly... And of course, the wine is amazing!"
Wilma S. visited on 2021-11-23; In-Store Wine Flight

"Thank you for a lovely visit! It's not our first time at your winery and will not be the last. Staff were very friendly and the wine was fabulous!"
Debbie L. visited on 2021-11-20; Private Group Experience

"We had a great time."
Sandra R. visited on 2021-11-20; Exclusive Wine Experience

"Very friendly hostess/server. Made lots of good suggestions and was very knowledgeable about the wine. Loved the wine. Left with a couple Gamays. Will be back to test more!!"
Natalie W. visited on 2021-11-20; In-Store Wine Flight

"Colin and Amy were fantastic hosts and gave us a very good overview of the wines and pointed out some unique attributes. Looking forward to my wine club membership."
Marc H. visited on 2021-11-13; Exclusive Wine Experience

"Loved the wine and atmosphere. Cheese pairings with the wines were excellent!"
Kristin H. visited on 2021-11-13; Exclusive Wine Experience

"The service at the tasting was lovely..and the wine was fabulous as well!!!"
Tamara M. visited on 2021-11-13; In-Store Wine Flight

"My favourite winery on the Bench. Amazing wines, awesome people and whenever I visit i feel like family!"
Michelle M. visited on 2021-11-10

"Wonderful experience"
Janet W. visited on 2021-11-06, Exclusive Wine Experience

"Thank you Malivoire for a fantastic wine tasting experience & cheese pairing experience. My friend and I learned so much about both. Thank you Darlene for your knowledge & expertise. We’ll be back!"
Faye R. visited on 2021-11-06, Exclusive Wine Experience

"The most interesting and thorough wine tasting experience on Saturday. Just love your place"
Mitch B. visited on 2021-11-06, Exclusive Wine Experience

"Great day! Great wines thank you!"
Christine B. visited on 2021-11-06

"Wonderful day, wonderful staff and great wines. Will be back soon!"
Kevin D. visited on 2021-10-31

"The staff was very helpful and took very good care of us. Thanks" Gillian T. visited on 2021-10-14 Patio Reservation 

"great staff and exceptional wines - the snack box was incredible!" Claire S. visited on 2021-10-10 Exclusive Wine Experience

"We all enjoyed our wine tastings. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.Barb shared her expertise... Perfection !" Carol W. visited on 2021-10-09 Patio Reservation

"Very knowledgeable staff, friendly. Loved the cheese experience too!"
 Denis R. visited on 2021-10-09 Patio Reservation

"Prompt service. Staff available to answer questions."  Mark A. visited on 2021-09-25; Patio Reservation

"Tasting wines was wonderfull!!!" Arold T. visited on 2021-09-26; Exclusive Wine Experience

"Fabulous service - lovely wine - our favourite stop!"  Emily M. visited on 2021-09-26; Patio Reservation

"We had an absolute blast having our tastings and listening to Darlene. She was amazing."  ANNIE C. visited on 2021-09-25; Exclusive Wine Experience

"Thanks. The tasting flights were well thought out and service was perfect."  Jerome V. visited on 2021-09-25

"We enjoyed two flights of wine paired with some delicious cheeses and some nice surprises in our little lunch box. Would definitely come back again." Kathy F. visited on 2021-09-19

"We love your winery and have been coming for several years. Enjoyed lunch very much ☺️" Karen G. visited on 2021-09-18

"Excellent Foch and ice wine!" Reine M. visited on 2021-09-15

"We had a great time. Beautiful winery!!" Andja M. visited on 2021-09-11

"We always have fun when doing a tasting at Malivoire. It is a bonus that we also really like your wines, especially the reds! We will be back for sure!"
Wendy M. visited on 2021-09-09

"We had an awesome experience… converted my brother from a white wine drinker to a red wine drinker…he loved the small lot gamay."
C. O. visited on 2021-09-05

"My wife and I visited with my daughter and her partner, all of us to some degree, 'apprentice' wine lovers. The young fellow who primarily served us was wonderful, knowledgeable and willing to help as much as possible, and readily offered to obtain further information for us when not himself sure. With my daughter's partner needing to be very careful due to an acute tree-nut allergy, our 'server' made detailed inquiries re the charcuterie box contents. All together he was a very good source of information in all the important areas. Malivoire is always wonderful to visit and the response of the staff is always first rate - in sharp contrast to some other wineries we have visited, some of which we are also members of. Everyone should be proud of the fine job they are doing."
Robert S. visited on 2021-09-03

"Impressive all around: variety and quality of wines quality and tasteful design of the tasting area and patio. Good job!!"
Gordon N. visited on 2021-09-07

"everything was perfect (e)specially the personal working there!" M. G.; August 2021
"Without a doubt, Malivoire is a beloved, favourite winery. Introduced to us by both friends and family, Malivoire is a can not miss place to find wonderful Cab Franc, Chardonnay (many!!) and Pinot noir, just to name our faves.
The building is beautiful, the staff; knowledgeable, friendly, thoughtful, funny and VERY helpful. Every time we visit we learn something new. We are blown away by the service and craftsmanship at every level.
Malivoire is not to be missed!!", Jeff and Sherri R., Nepean, Ontario; August 2021